Discovering Factors That Matter

Software to Discover SEO Factors That Matter

Cora SEO Software uses correlation to reverse engineer possible content ranking factors and gives prioritized recommendations on how to tune your content. I know. I know. "correlation isn't causation"... But unless you are an engineer at Google working on search algorithms then correlation is the best data you can directly measure from the search results. I named the software Cora because it is "cora-lation" SEO software. Strong correlation is what makes my investments in SEO tuning better than everyone else's. If a factor doesn't at least correlate with rankings then you are wasting time and money on it. When you start plotting data on what is working in your keyword space you will be amazed at how much of mainstream SEO advice is just plain wrong and potentially harmful.
If you are not conducting primary research in SEO then you are just guessing.

SEOs learnt their magic by experimenting - Gary Illyes Cora SEO Software takes your search terms and discovers which SEO factors appear to matter based on empirically measured trends that appear in the search results. With the click of a button you can collect and analyze hundreds of SEO factors for your keywords. Instantly understand what it will take to achieve and surpass competitive parity in your content. Instantly have a prioritized list of the specific work you need to do. Cora SEO Software takes the guessing out of SEO content tuning. If you don't have supporting data for each and every investment you make into SEO then you are just guessing. This is how Cora SEO Software separates its users from mainstream SEO professionals who rely to much on their "past experiences" and "beliefs" instead of constantly learning from what "the data" has to teach.

Re-defining Data Driven SEO

Data Driven SEO Software For most SEO professionals data driven SEO means acquiring backlinks and checking your crawl errors, keyword densities, and rankings. The problem with this approach is that it often isn't actionable or is high risk. It's often contrary to changing a little and measuring a lot which is how you will incrementally improve and learn over time. I'm not saying these other topics aren't important. They are the initial tools for setting up for SEO operations. They aren't the SEO operations. Data driven SEO is an iterative methodology to improving and learning from your SEO. It utilizes best practices of business analytics and reporting to make sure that SEO delivers ROI. The output of the process should be very precise actions to take that if successful should produce measurable and reproducible results. Cora SEO Software streamlines the nearly impossible work of compiling the data for your data driven processes, checking for trends in the data, and prioritizing recommendations on what specific actions you can take.

Google Applauds Experimenting

SEOs learnt their magic by experimenting - Gary Illyes In the Jul 9, 2015 Search Engine Roundtable post Google: SEO Magic Is Learned Through Experiments it was stated that Gary Illyes from Google said "getting your hands dirty can be an excellent learning experience." It is in the spirit of Gary's statements that we have produced SEO software to streamline the work of taking empirical measurements to correlate if there are any trends that emerge as you approach the number one spot on google.